Classified Ad Ventures Investment Group invests in online businesses, primarily in the online classifieds space. Founded by successful Australian businessman Simon Baker. CAVIG also provides advice and guidance to accelerate growth.

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  • VIDEO INTERVIEW: Adrian Daniel, CRO at Russmedia...
    on 19 July 2019 at 3:00 AM

    Russmedia Solutions focuses on online marketplaces and service technologies, building classifieds marketplaces such as horizontals or verticals, "We build job boards, real estate boards, car portals... we even have horse portals... " said Adrian Daniel, CRO at Russmedia Solutions. […]

  • Advertising watchdog makes final decision between...
    on 19 July 2019 at 1:30 AM

    “We received a complaint about a property listing on Rightmove. A complainant believed the ad was misleading because they were told the property was no longer on the market” says the authority. […]

  • Indeed announces acquisition of AI-powered job...
    on 19 July 2019 at 1:00 AM

    Maggie Hulce, SVP Sales Strategy at Indeed, said: “The team at ClickIQ have built an innovative technology solution for optimising job advertising spend to reach both active and passive jobseekers." […]


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